Service-Learning Academy

The Good Samaritan Inc has developed a flexible, meaningful, and fun academic curriculum

for international service-learning experiences.


Under the guidance of faculty and Doctoral students at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, our service-learning programs are tailored to the needs and objectives of each group that commits to 7-10 days of service on-site.


Service-Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Understand the unique challenges faced by developing communities in the areas of education, public health, and micro-economics
  • Learn about practical sustainable development strategies and implementation
  • Evaluate international development strategies via first-hand experience
  • Integrate classroom knowledge to support real-world solutions
  • Expand Spanish language fluency
  • Gain experience teaching English in an international setting
  • Learn how to be productive in the context of an impoverished community
  • Explore the legacy of African diaspora in Latin America
  • Increase your leadership aptitudes- communication, teamwork, project management



For a group of 5-10 students, we require a donation of $500-700 per student for 7-10 day all-inclusive programs.

Travel costs not included.

Costs for individuals who want to join us vary per trip details. Contact us at for more info.

Fundraising Support

All donations made to support the efforts of our Global Samaritans are tax deductible.

Contact International Operations Director Ileana Abreu for personalized support:


What you get from what you GIVE!

Professional Leadership Development

Participation in high-quality service-learning curricula can have a transformative effect on a student’s moral, political, intellectual, personal, cultural, and/or spiritual perspectives. The desired outcome of transformational learning is that a student is empowered through the learning process to become more socially responsible and self-directed- gaining a better understanding the world and what role they can play in affecting change. The Good Samaritan Inc develops leadership in both the international volunteers who come to serve and in the Dominicans who receive services. If you believe that international development should led by the very people it intends to serve, then you believe in us. We do not ask for patrons- we ask for partners. International volunteers at The Good Samaritan Inc learn how to empower themselves, in partnership with Dominicans, to realize visionary change for an impoverished community.

Civil Society Leadership Development

The learning objectives of service-learning our programs also include to promote democratic principles and civic action while increasing student interpersonal skills and broadening student perspectives. Studies have offered extensive evidence of the various positive impacts service-learning has on a student’s academics, interpersonal skills, personal maturity, and professional development.

Spanish Language Development

In international service-learning programs, learning the language is a key factor in the process of transformational learning. Specifically, in our programs, command of Spanish language is experienced as a key factor that can help facilitate participant responsiveness to the social problems they observe. Our participants are also motivated to learn Spanish because they interact with Dominicans who also study languages and support the journey of lifelong language learning. Moreover, relationships are the centerpiece to international service-learning programs. At the end of the day, our programs are about people helping people; they are about raising awareness, creating mutual understanding of global social issues and shared objectives to develop skills that will combat said issues. To achieve these goals- all members of The Good Samaritan Inc must learn first to speak the language of love. From there, learning the local language flows naturally.  

African Diaspora Studies

The legacy of African diaspora in Latin America offers a unique opportunity for students to study Spanish language while experiencing the panorama of multicultural delights that African influence has produced in developing nations across the Western Hemisphere. The Dominican Republic is a unique tropical isle with a majority culture of African descent. Strong in democratic tradition, the Dominican Republic is also a safe, exciting Latin American nation where students from all over the world travel to engage in service- learning programs. The opportunity to serve communities in developing nations offers a transformational experience for undergraduate students, an opportunity that can only be enhanced when cross-cultural learning is rooted in the experience of struggle and triumph that is the birthright of African diaspora everywhere.


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