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What does it mean to make a difference in the world?

How can I help those who need it most?

How do I get started?

Who will join me?



University Students


Promotional churchHigh School Students

Travel Groups



We are excited to offer opportunities for partnership to international visitors who want to be of service to the youth and families of the Dominican Republic.

We have facilities to accommodate up to 22 guests, with an independent kitchen and outdoor patios for group events. We also have a church, basketball court, and baseball fields that allow for hours of community interaction.

A public school across the street was quite literally named after our institution and for decades has offered Good Samaritan Inc volunteers direct accesss to public school classrooms. 

With extensive pre-trip education and planning, we encourage students to think critically about their trip experiences and how they fit into the greater picture of international sustainable development.







Mentorship Opportunities for Volunteers

It is the heartfelt contributions of committed individuals that allow international organizations to go beyond providing a service to actually making a difference in world affairs.

The success of The Good Samaritan Inc in attracting international volunteers and cultivating lifelong leaders is truly exceptional and offers a fruitful foundation for folks looking to participate in short-term experiences that yield long-term results.

We have a network of US-based volunteers who actively travel to The Good Samaritan Inc and contribute to its programs, including:

  • Pepperdine UniversityDoctoral Students

  • Stanford University Alumni, Yale University Alumni, University of Virginia Alumni

  • Fulbright Scholars


Many of our institutional leaders were once clients of The Good Samaritan Inc, and have progressed over decades to blossom into classroom teachers or program administrators, including those pictured above.

Service-Learning Program Outcomes Include:

  • Understand the unique challenges faced by developing communities in the areas of education, public health, and micro-economics

  • Learn about practical sustainable development strategies and implementation

  • Evaluate international development strategies via first-hand experience

  • Integrate classroom knowledge to support real-world solutions

  • Expand Spanish language fluency

  • Gain experience teaching English in an international setting

  • Learn how to be productive in the context of an impoverished community

  • Explore the legacy of African diaspora in Latin America

  • Increase your leadership aptitudes- communication, teamwork, project management



Individual volunteers can participate in our year-round programs for $200 per month. Housing provided but no meals or local transport included.

For a group of 5-10 students, we require a donation of $500-700 per student for 7-10 day programs. Programs are all-inclusive- meals, lodging, local transport, and supplies all available on-site.  Cost varies depending on group activity preferences. Airfare not included.


Fundraising Support

We offer personalized support to our volunteers so that they can raise the money they need to serve with us.


Our Global Samaritans become our leaders and our strongest advocates.


Get a team together and come see how you can contribute!


For support or inquiries, contact us at:



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