How We Spend

     Expense Chart



We are proud to have 0% administrative costs


Lauren E Avezzie Foundation

Pepperdine University Project Serve Program

Pepperdine University Global Access Program Cohort

Hispanic Communication Network

Roxsana Kladis- San Rafael, CA

Emily Goulding- Sao Paolo, Brazil

Lilian Abreu- San Francisco, CA

Chrisa Maria Cornejo- Fullerton, CA

Angela Sandoval- Passaic, New Jersey

and other private donors who choose to give anonymously.


Project-Based Donors



Pepperdine University Educational Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Global Access Program Cohort 2012

Classroom Supplies

Jennifer Bellinder- Fullerton, CA

Softball and Baseball Equipment

JP Valteau- Seattle WA

Classroom Supplies, Sports Equipment

David Chang- Malibu, CA


Topaz Elementary School, Lury Ripley, The Gamez Family, Jessica Hatfield, JP Valteau, Maghan Gautney, Greg Gautney, Christy Giaudrone Hammons, Zach Hammons, Andy Pendleton, Kyle McCormick, Meredith Pendleton  Lyal Swim, Jimi Clay, and Pepperdine University Project Serve Team 2013


Jenna Wall- Oak Park, CA

Murals (2)

Henry Antonio Batista- Esperanza DR

Birth Certificate Program


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