The Good Samaritan is a non-profit organization that has offered community-based learning experiences to

impoverished children and adults in the Dominican Republic since 1978 through the work of international volunteers.

Our programs for 2031-2014 include literacy and language courses, as well as community arts, ministry, sports,

and vocational training programs that presently serve over 200 children and adults.

We offer a loving and safe platform for folks like you to make a difference in the world.

You can contact us at:


US Phone: (786) 484-2578

We are always looking to invite individuals and groups to share, learn, and grow with our students!



English Language Courses: Child & adult classes held 3 days per week. 6 one hour classes teach 120+ students.


Literacy Courses: Child & adult classes held 5 days per week. 2 one hour classes teach 30+ students.


Vocational Training: Teen & adult trainings held 1 day per week. 2 four hour classes teach 50+ students.


Sports Programs: Baseball, basketball, and volleyball organized year-round!

IMG_1776                    IMG_1477




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